Welcome to the documentation for Yggio. This documentation is intended for developers who are going to build applications on top of Yggio.

What is Yggio?

Yggio is an IoT interoperability platform developed by Sensative. Information about what Yggio can do and success stories can be found on Yggio's offical website.


There are currently two versions under development: Yggio 2 & Yggio 3. This documentation is for Yggio 3.

The main difference between the versions is Yggio 3 uses the FIWARE standard for both API and data models. In Yggio 2 you only have the option to use FIWARE Data Models for some of the devices. Also, Yggio 2 does not offer the FIWARE API.

API documentation

To complement this documentation Yggio also has an interactive API documentation. The data models used by the REST API are described here on the Models page. For example API calls, see API examples


If you have general questions or want help to begin developing on Yggio, please contact us at For technical questions regarding your development on Yggio, please contact us at


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