Iotnode access rights

Iotnodes can be shared with other users using access control.
Access can be given to either a user or a user group.
Currently there are 4 access rights:

  • Read Enables the user or user group to see the entire iotnode.
    Additionally the right means you can create a channel to listen to updates for the iotnode.

  • Write Gives the ability to change the iotnode's contents such as name and description.
    Enables downlink where supported.

  • Admin The admin right gives full control over the iotnode and includes all other rights.

  • Peek Shares access to a resource without seeing it in the device list. Can be useful when you want to share the possbility to add devices through a specific connector.

Iotnode access rights can be set via the REST API.
For details on which exact requests and how they work, please refer to our Swagger.

Default access rights

When creating an iotnode, the user that creates the iotnode automatically gets read, write and admin access.